An Ecological Portrait of The Rosella Spider Orchid (Caladenia Rosella)

An Ecological Portrait of The Rosella Spider Orchid (Caladenia Rosella)




“The Symbiogenisis Project”

Symbiogenesis: (v) The merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism.

A cross disciplinary collaboration by Paul Kalemba (MVA) and Aviva Reed (MES) .

Laughing Waters Artist Residency

Parks Victoria / Nillumbik Council.

Melbourne Library 2012

Eltham Community Library 2012


The symbiogenisis project is the combination of art and science through a collaborative exploration of symbiotic relationships. Departing from points of historical intersections of observation and representation of nature in the arts and sciences, the work developed to present an “ecological portrait” of the Yarra Valley Forest as a series of expressive yet accurate works on paper.  An aesthetic focus invites an emotive and philosophical connection with the complex interactions of the subjects of the work. The State forest surrounding the Laughing Waters Artist Residence  supports several critically endangered species that are crucial biological indicators for the region. These species and their  interactions form the subject for this  collaborative, cross-disciplinary project.