Paul J. Kalemba       

Born Melbourne 1980

Paul Kalemba’s latest work examines postcolonial ecologies though a still life watercolour practice . His work takes inspiration from the natural sciences, as well as his journey to understand Country as a first generation Australian.

His Still life compositions are assembled from found objects collected while walking in nature. Engaging with notions of phenomenon and still life as native, his works tell stories of ecology and place .


Paul Kalemba, is a Visual artist, Natural History Illustrator and Animator. Since being awarded Honours in Digital art and Multimedia from VU and Master of Visual Art Victorian College of the Arts, Kalemba’s traditional and digital media work has been exhibited in Australia, Korea and Germany. Through working with, Parks Victoria, The Department of Primary Industries, and the Australia Council for the Arts, Kalemba has undertaken cross disciplinary projects and arts residencies. He has produced temporary public sculptures for City of Melbourne, and Hepburn Shire and his drawings, sculpture and mural work are represented in Private, Public and Institutional Collections including Hepburn and Nillumbik shires, and Victoria University.



2008                Masters of Visual Art. Melbourne University, Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

2007                Graduate Diploma in Visual Art. Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

2001                Honors, Digital Art and Multimedia. Victoria University, Melbourne

1998- 2000      B.A. Computer Mediated Art, Victoria University, Melbourne.



2017               Finalist, The Nillumbik Prize.

2017               Finalist, Judges Commendation,  Whyndam Art Award.

2016               Nillumbik  Shire  Council. Main St Redevelopment Eltham, Symbiogenisis Mural 2010.

2015               Hepburn Public Art Commission. Resistance of Memory- Tales of Daylesford.

2014               Thyme for Change. Living Sculpture. Let Them Eat Cake Festival. Werribee Mansion.

2013               Second Prize. Wetland Care Australia Art Award.

2012               Finalist M16 Drawing Prize.

2012               Living Sculpture Commission. CERES Environment Park.

2011                Australia Council for the Arts, “Artstart,” Professional Development Grant.

2003               City of Melbourne Major Project Grant, “alleys not telleys, Public Multi-Arts Festival”.



2013   SWARM. Cross disciplinary Collaborative Art / Science Proposition with, Department of Primary Industries, Museums Victoria and University of Melbourne.

2012    Hutten Pallast, Artist in Residence, Neukolin, Berlin. Germany

2011    The Symbiogenisis project: “Laughing Waters”. Art/Science-Ecology Collaboration with Aviva Reed, Nillumbik  Shire  Council and Parks Victoria. Laughing Waters Artist-in-Residence Program. Riverbend.



Hepburn Shire Collection.

Nillumbik Shire Collection.

Wetland Care Australia.

Australian Forest and Climate Alliance.

CERES Environment Park.

Hutenpalast, Neukolin, Berlin. Germany.

Victoria University. Melbourne.

Salesian College Rupperswood,

Private Collections.




The Nillumbik Prize. Montsalvat Gallery. Eltham.

Wyndham Art Award, Wyndham Cultural Centre, Werribee.

All the Pretty Little Things; Masks, Sprites and Totems for the Western Grasslands.

Gee Lee-Wik Doleen, Hume Global Learning Centre.

Mixed Tape, Stockroom, Kyneton.

Bushlore. Stockroom, Kyneton


Fragments, Bakery Lane Gallery, Woodend.

Wombat Totems, Stockroom. Kyneton

 Linden Postcard Show. Linden New Art. St Kilda. Melbourne.

Symbiogenisis Mural, Nillumbik  Shire  Council. Main St Redevelopment Eltham.

Laughing waters Rd. The Barn Gallery, Monsilvat. Eltham.


The Resistance of Memory, Tales of Daylesford. Daylesford Town Hall. Hepburn.

Thyme for Change. Let Them Eat Cake Festival, Werribee Mansion.


Tree. Dromkeen. Riddels Creek. Victoria.

Activist Arts Festival Trades Hall, Carlton, Melbourne.

A Matter of Thyme.  Falls Festival/ Village Stage. Lorne.


Outpost. Daylesford Post office. Daylesford.

Station Master. Brunswick station. Melbourne.

LAND. Wyndham Cultural Centre, Werribee. Melbourne.

Weld Echo, The Long Gallery, Salamanca, Hobart.

Wetland Care Australia Award. Sydney.


M16 Drawing prize. Canbera.

The Symbiogenisis Project. Eltham Library.

The Artists Behind the Action. Collingwood Gallery. Melbourne.

The Boy Out of a Can. Hutenpalast. Berlin Germany.

2011    The Symbiogenisis Project. “Laughing waters” The Melbourne Library. Melbourne

Northside Heros, Tinning Street Gallery, Brunswick. Melbourne.


Spoiled Rotten. Platform Public Contemporary Art Spaces. Melbourne/

Feasting Vignettes. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival / Platform Underground garden, Melbourne.

Sustainability: crisis or opportunity, George Paton Gallery, Carlton.

The Sustainable Living Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne

 The Resistance of Memory, Platform Public Contemporary Art Spaces. Melbourne

 Linden Postcard Exhibition, Linden Contemporary Art Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne.


Off The Wall, Brunswick Bound, Brunswick, Melbourne

Post. Place Gallery, Richmond

Resisting Subversion of Subversive Resistance. Platform Artist Group. Inc. Flinders Street Station underpass,   Melbourne.

The Art of Sustainable Gardening, Bulin Bulin Gallery, Bulleen, Melbourne.


Diorama December, Brunswick Bound Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne.

VCA Graduate Exhibition, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, South Melbourne

Exquisite Features, Tapespace, Carlton, Melbourne.

Beneath The Empire, Upstairs Flinders Gallery, Melbourne.

Linden Postcard Exhibition, Linden Contemporary Art Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne.


VCA Graduate Exhibition, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, South Melbourne.

Proud, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, South Melbourne.

Sketchbooks: A Group Show. Brunswick Bound Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

A Disparate Collection, VCA Student Gallery, South Melbourne.


Breakdown Press, Breakdown Posters Launch, A Space Outside, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Art For Food! Lentil as Africa, Bar/ Café/ Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne.

Random Molecules, Kick Gallery, Northcote, Melbourne.


Babylonian Pandemonium, Black Cat, Bar/ Café/ Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Linden Postcard Exhibition, Linden Contemporary Art Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne.


National Print Symposium, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

The Conceptual Reconstruction of Brunswick, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne.

Scarab window; street projections project, Black Cat/ Sutton Gallery. Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Eyes for Other Skies, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Melbourne.

Eyes For Other Skies – best of, Seoul Fringe festival, Korea

Nikon Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy Melbourne.

Empty Show. abandoned space. Fitzroy Melbourne.


cause n effect, Wasabi Warehouse, Nth Melbourne.

Empty Show. abandoned space. Newcastle

disenta. . . , Irene Community Art Centre, Brunswick, Melbourne.

Melbourne Stencil Festival, Nth Melbourne.

Nikon Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, Melbourne.


With Only The Clothes On Their Backs, Refugee Benefit/ Art Auction, Dantes Upstairs, Fitzroy Melbourne.

windows, Scott Alley, Melbourne.

Nikon Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy Melbourne.

“@”, Steps Gallery, Carlton Melbourne.


Nikon Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

On exit frame, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Nikon Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.



2016    Laughing Waters Road: Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham. Jane Wollard. 2016 p38,39,239-241.

2015    Public Art Creates Discussion. The Advocate. January 16. P1

2014    $8000 art commission for Daylesford laneway, The Advocate. July 29. P1

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2004    The Undergrowth. Tim Parish, Undergrowth. 30 July. P1, 26,29.

2002    February .02, Centre for Contemporary Photography. P3

2000    Hi-tech form focus, Ted Kloszynski, The Advocate, 21 November. P1.




2015                Berlin Syndrome. Heypop Productions/ Docklands Studios.

2014                Childhoods End. Heypop Productions/ Docklands Studios.

2014                Ms Fishers Murder Mysteries. ABC / ABC studios.




Still-Life workshop series. Hume Global Learning Centre.


Daylesford Life Drawing, Facilitator and Tutor.


Dynamic Drawing and Watercolour short Courses, Arthouse Direct. Sunbury.


Workshop Facilitator. Advanced Animation & Games Design. Bubbledome Education. Melbourne High.

2011-2012       Workshop Facilitator. Introduction to Film Making and Animation. Bubbledome Education. Caulfield Grammar. Melbourne.


Workshop Facilitator. Art of Ecology. Nillumbik Shire Council. Eltham, VIC

Workshop Facilitator. Pop-art, Street art and Stencils. Outback Theatre for Young People. Hay, NSW


Workshop Facilitator. Animation & Games Design. Bubbledome Education. Melbourne High.


Casual Workshop Assistant. Trax Arts (under auspice: Big Brothers, Big Sisters).

Training and Tuition. Adobe Photoshop. Life Drawing and Botanical Illustration.





2014                Animator. Werribee Zoo, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Permanent Exhibition.

2013-2014   Animator / Illustrator. Radiate. 4 Pillars Media.

2012                Animator / Illustrator. Global Financial Crisis. Doing it ourselves.

2011                Illustrator. Ceres Environment Park.

Illustrator. The Sharehood.

Illustrator. Rapskallion. Vagabond King,

2010-2012       Illustrator/Designer. Outback Theater for Young People.

2009                Illustrator / Designer. Yarra Climate Action Now.

2009-2001       Illustrator. Melatonin Dub Collective,

2008-2010       Illustrator.  Creative Environments Enterprises. ,

2007-2002       Animator/ Illustrator . Trax Arts,

2005-2011       Illustrator /Designer. Well Theatre.

2005-2002       Animator/ Illustrator / Designer. Digital Killed the Analogue Star.

2005-2002       Animator/ Illustrator / Designer. Tranceplant Inc. Illustrator






2011-2013       Production, Art-house, and Puppet construction. The Village. Falls Festival. Lorne. VIC

Art house / Production. Alive and Kicking, Outback Theater for Young People. Hay. NSW

2005                Multimedia Designer, The Great Wall Of Books, Footscray plaza, Melbourne.

Projection artist, Tranceplant, Mount Elephant National Park

Multimedia Designer, The Big Machine, Art Play, Melbourne.

2004                Multimedia Designer, Habitat. Traxbox, Melbourne.

2003                Co. Director alleys not telleys, Degraves St, Melbourne.

2002                Projection artist, Tranceplant. You Yang’s National park.

Co. Director, alleys not telleys, Scott al, Melbourne.